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This chapter is about the very details of a throw. You find about the distinction of knife and axe, you will find a new axe throwing style and a brand new learning method.
Logo of subtitle Learning curve
Below you will read higly abstract stuff. But how is that in real live?
Logo of subtitle Calculi
The throwers toolbox. A set of simple elements, by which the complicated throw is assembled.
Logo of subtitle Anatomy of throwing
A very detailed study of throwing. Including description of the Shuffle Wheel Style.
Logo of subtitle Follow through
This is the mental side of the technique, it is about how to steer the object into the target.
Logo of subtitle From grip to throw
Most things you can learn by enhancing an already known skill. Not so with knife throwing. Here is a workaround for that gap in the learning path.
Subtitle Two aiming strategies
Sometimes one does not want to hit something, but moreover exactly not hit something!

Please notice: the statements here do not come from an expert, but from a beginner. One important point with knife throwing is phantasy!
Always watch the security !


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