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Throwtown, 10. Februar 2002  

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

Last year we succeeded in establishing throwing contests as new popular events.

And this year? What about founding a thrower's association!

European Throwing Club Dragonrock e.V.



We will be an official association to represent the art and sport of axe and knife throwing.



Because all others sports have such associations, only we not. Hahaha, this would not be a reason! But this are reasons:



The organization shall serve all European axe and knive throwers.



We will see. This is the first fast written proposal. During the year the page will grow and details will be worked out, depending on your feedback.


And now?

Join the discussion, subscribe to the mailing list in chapter "Thrower's Meeting - Communications". Become a foundation member!


Your Franz Virtual


Explanation:   Throwtown and Werfhausen are virtual places.


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