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Event calendar 2006


To read earlier reports, see the event calendars   2008 , 2007 , 2006 , 2005 , 2004 , 2003 , 2002 , 2001.

Logo www.volny.cz/wclub Flag Czech
Saturday April 22th 2006 , Strážek, Tschech Republic

Throwers Meeting Beaver City

Tomas Maurer is inviting you to a contest in Beaver City. The disciples are fight-throwing and drawn distances. (1) Fight-throwing: Two throwers standing in front of the target, at some signal, they draw the knives and throw, the faster one wins. Have they the same time, the one with the stick closer to the bulls eye wins. The throwing positions are changing: With the backside to the target, sitting on a chair, lateral and other positions. (2) Drawn distances: With knife, there are the distances 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 meters, two distances are drawn from that for the contest. With axes, the distances are 4 m and 8 m.

For more Details ask   Email address Tomas

Website of the conductor   http://www.volny.cz/wclub/

Pictures from the meeting 2003   http://www.texasrangers.cz/trc-cz/galerie/2003/BeaverCity03/beaver.htm

Logo www.firegladiator.de Flag German
Saturday / Sunday June 3rd /4th 2006 , Ebersbach, Germany East

Throwers Meeting Ebersbach/Sachsen Logo Eurothrowers

Meeting with focus on instinctive throwing from different distances. The social gathering at the camp fire will be great as well. The targets are placed on the slopes of a sandpit and in a private forrest. There will be difficult positions and different distances, as it is used with bow shooting. Dogs are welcome, as well knifes, axes and boomerangs. Looking forward for your arrival - Your Markus Freitag

Details see   http://www.messerwerfen.de/werfertreffen.html#ebersbach

Website of the conductor   http://www.firegladiator.de

Logo Woodfests British Islands Flagge England
Saturday 3rd June 2006 , Wales

Welsh Open Axe Throwing Competition
St Asaph Woodfest, North Wales

The choppers strike again and again! On the british islands, you find quite some axe throwing activities at several timber festivals since many years. This year are conducted :
  - Welsh Open Axe Throwing Competition, St Asaph Woodfest, North Wales - Saturday 3rd June
  - Scottish Open Axe Throwing Competition, Inverleith Park, Edinburgh - Saturday 10th June
  - British Open Axe Throwing Competition, APF near Stratford - Saturday 23rd September

More information you can find at :  
  -   www.woodfestwales.co.uk  

A picture from the late years you can find e.g. here :     2003  

Logo Woodfests British Islands Flagge England
Saturday 10th June 2006 , Edinburgh, Scottland

Scottish Open Axe Throwing Competition
Inverleith Park, Edinburgh

More informations see above the Welsh Open at 3rd June.

Logo Flag German
Saturday, 17th of June 2005 in Pottenstein, South-Germany

Logo Eurothrowers 6. Midsummer Throwers' Meeting Pottenstein

As every year on saturday before midsummer:   Relaxed meeting with contest, workshop, expert talkings and camp fire. We apply the AKTA rules, what allows for comparing the results with american competitions.

Read the reports about the former meetings 2005 , 2004 , 2003 , 2002 , 2001 .

Logo Flag of German Flag of Austria Flag of France
5th/6th of August 2006 , Schuttertal, Deutschland

Eurojack International Woodcutter Games

Traditional woodcutter event since many years. Many disciplines from climbing to chain saw and of course axe throwing.

More informations see : http://www.eurojack.org

Logo Rymarov Flag Czech
12th - 13th August in Rymarov, Czech Republic

Western Skills Championship of Europe

Traditional event since many years. You can see many highly skilled throwers, who compete with very interresting rules. The competitive events are:   Whip grasp   Rope grasp   Knife throwing   Axe throwing   Revolver jugglery.

More information see : http://jones-rymarov.com/jones/english.htm

Pictures from the former years you find e.g. here : 2005   2004   2003   2002  

Logo Woodfests British Islands Flagge England
Saturday 23rd September 2006 , near Stratford, England

British Open Axe Throwing Competition
APF near Stratford - Saturday 23rd September

More informations see above at the Welsh Open at 3rd June.

A weekend September or October 2006, irgendwo in Europa

Logo Eurothrowers Big Throwers' Meeting 2006

Date and place not yet known.

The Reports of the former Big Throwers' Meetings : 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002 and 2001.

Are you fascinated by knife throwing and want finally see this live? You want learn throwing or like to speak with any collegues? You want know what your skill level is? You want spend a nice holliday weekend with your family? Then come to a throwers meeting!

Are planning any throwing event? Please send an email to email jenny   and let it be announced here.

Logo Eurothrowers Note - Events marked with the Knife-plus-feather logo are conducted by members of the European Throwing Club Flying Blades e.V. (Eurothrowers).

Your Franz Virtual


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