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Chapter:   Event Calendar 2001
Report:   The First Big Throwers' Meeting, Berlin 2001

(Read as well the reports of 2003, 2002 and 2001.)

Little Big Horse Ranch, Müncheberg near Berlin at 8th/9th of Iune september 2001, a historic weekend. A really big throwers meeting with spectators, gastronomy, press, TV, athleths, cups, sideshows and expert talks!

This is a personal report. A detailed report you can find at www.lbhr.de . A short report you find at messerwerfen.de (with the rules).

When? What? Where?
09 Breakfast Veranda
10 Warming up Small lawn
12 Guest throwing
13 - 16 Contests 3 meter Great lawn
16 Bagpiper's music
16:30 Western stuntshow
17 Awarding 3 meter disciplines
17:30 - 19:30 Contests 6 meters
19:30 Juggling show Small lawn
20 Awarding 6 meter disciplines Fireplace
20:30 - 24 Eating and drinking
09 Breakfast Veranda
10 - 11 Contests long range Great lawn
11 Awarding long range disciplines Veranda
11:30 - 14 Final talkings plus video looking


Here the story.



The training targets from different woods. All are throwing at the same time, then all are recovering the devices at the same time. Spectators stay in a distance behind.   (Foto # 20010908.1152   -   Size 33%, see 50% 100%)


Franz warming up. The left hand shows, how I am strained, it should countermove backward, but is motionless. Nicely to see is, how the fingers of the throwing hand snapped open abruptly.   (Foto: Johann Müller, Döbbertin   -   Size 25%, see 50% 100%)


Hit-inspection. "Hey, why not always all sticking!" or: "Hey, the handles must become much better parallel!". You can detect six distinct kind of throwing knives: Hibben Häckla, Herbertz Bärentöter, Nieto, Haller Debé, Silberpfeil and difficult to see a Tan Kri.   (Foto: Johann Müller, Döbbertin   -   Size 25%, see 50% 100%)


Blabla ... talking is my hobby. By the way, those damned integral axes ("Hibben-Häckla" in franconian), they are handy, but I will not use them again in a contest, they cause too much discussion.   (Foto: Johann Müller, Döbbertin   -   Size 25%, see 50% 100%)


The TV team of the ORB (Ostdeutscher Rundfunk Berlin) recording their report. The lady shows multitasking capabilities, she is speaking into the camera plus throwing a series of knives at the same time.   (Foto # 20010908.1333   -   Size 33%, see 50% 100%)


The contests


Overview over the line of targets. Karsten is sticking a knife. We are at target no. 2. Slowly the group of throwers and spectators is moving towards target no. 7 in the background. There are also the spare targets no 8 and 9 plus the training targets.   (Foto # 20010908.1422   -   Size 35%, see 50% 100%)


A series of competitors ...


... and some more. I tried to compile all competitors, but this is not easy, if you participate in the competition yourself at the same time. So this are about half of them.


The jury is evaluating the contest record with most modern means. With loud and clear commands they cared for a frictionless contest and for the safety. Greatly done! Many thanks to the both of them! We will need them more often in future.   (Foto # 20010908.1601   -   Size 35%, see 50% 100%)


The first cups for the winners of the 3-m knives discipline.   (Foto # 20010908.1733   -   Size 48%, see 100%)


Awarding the 6-m-disciplines.   (Foto # 20010908.2031)


In the evening a two minutes TV report from the ORB about our meeting was broadcasted.   (Foto # 20010909.1121)


Much more could be told. Off course, the particularities and pitfalls of such a contests we still have to learn. E.g. the 3-m-contest was too slow, so the 6-m-contest shifted and the long range contest was to be conducted the next day. But anyway, this was the interesting point, to make new and unknown things.





The cups
The cups on one glimps.



3 Meter
Platz Name Punkte   Platz Name Punkte
Messer Axt
1 Michael 62 1 Franz 43
2 Old Grizzly 49 2 * Ralf P. 41
3 Frank 43 3 * Atze 1 41
4 Dieter 42 4 Ralf S. 34
5 Franz 41 5 Old Grizzly 32
6 Ralf P. 40 6 Dieter 31
7 Marco 38 7 Christian T. 20
8 Wolfgang 35 8 Atze 2 7
9 Karsten 18  
10 * Christian T. 9
10 * Nadin 9
11 Robert 5
Jeder Teilnehmer hat je 3 Wurf auf 7 Scheiben, zusammen 21 Wurf mit je 4 erreichbaren Punkten. Maximale Punktzahl: 84. Bei Punktgleichheit auf den ersten drei Plätzen erfolgt ein Stechen. Punktgleichheit ist mit einem Stern (*) markiert.

6 Meter
Messer   Axt
1 Dieter 30 1 Dieter 30
2 * Old Grizzly 13 2 * Old Grizzly 17
3 * Ralf P. 13 3 * Ralf P. 17
4 Christian T. 12 4 Franz 16
5 Michael 11 5 Christian S. 15
6 * Franz 5 6 Ralf S. 13
6 * Wolfgang 5 7 Atze 1 9
7 Robert 3  
8 Karsten 1
Jeder Teilnehmer hat je 3 Wurf auf 7 Scheiben, zusammen 21 Wurf mit je 4 erreichbaren Punkten. Maximale Punktzahl: 84. Bei Punktgleichheit auf den ersten drei Plätzen erfolgt ein Stechen. Punktgleichheit ist mit einem Stern (*) markiert.

Messer   Axt
1 Michael 9,86 m 1 Christian S. 8,26 m
2 Dieter 8,70 m 2 Atze 1 7,65 m
3 Franz 6,68 m 3 Ralf S. 6,84 m
4 Christian T. 0,00 m 4 Dieter 0,00 m
  4 Franz 0,00 m
4 Atze 2 0,00 m
Jeder Teilnehmer wählt eine beliebige Entfernung und hat darauf drei Würfe. Ist ein Treffer dabei darf die nächste Entfernung gewählt werden. Ist kein Treffer dabei - verloren. Es ist also auch ein bisschen Pokerspiel, wie man die Entfernung wählt: wählt man zu kurz, dann verschenkt man Punkte, wählt man zu weit, dann wird man mit "0,00 m" hinausgeworfen.




Throwing seems to be a family sport! In Kinsau from 9 throwers two were a married couple and two were father and son. Here with 16 throwers were one father-son-team and one father-son-daughter-trio. And almost one mother-doughter-team.

Big extra applause
... for Nadin, who ventured to participate as the only lady, and this as a very beginner!


Other ladies stayed reserved. This we noticed only later, when an unexpected discussion about a separat lady contest came up. What can be said about this? It is only a question of how many ladies will come.

As well some men stayed reserved, and wanted see first, what this will become. Nobody has seen such event before, and the risk to make a fool out of oneself was uncalculatable. Grin. From now on this risk is calculatable!

I find it a good tradition from Kinsau, that with such a risky participation also the least one of the winner list is honoured.

Big honor
For Robert, who made his first throws at all and did not even hesitate to participate. We, who practice that sport since a while, know, how obstinate the first hits touch down. Welcome in the throwers community!


With throwing events, there exists one more special discipline:

Greatest distance
For Manuela, who came on an informal trip from swiss. Hope we could convince you, that throwing is a realistic and fascinating and peaceful sport. You are the European factor of that event! Thank your for coming.


Beside the southern European factor, we have already a northern one as well.

Good luck
For Jean, our northern European factor, who is trying to conduct a throwing event in Kopenhagen. But this seems not so easy there.


And one more important thing:

Special greetings
Hallo Alleswerfer, one of the main driving powers to setup the throwers' meetings. Now you are in the Bundeswehr, and could not participate in one single meeting. What a pitty. Next year, right?! Many greetings to you and your new comrades!


Then were quite some folks in the background, without them the event would not have worked.


Infrastructure. The taxi drivers, who cared for a frictionless connection from and to the station and elsewhere. They were everywhere the same time, and ironed out the others mistakes. Only thatfore everything went smooth.   (Foto Johann Mueller)


Gastronomy. Did you notice, that on the schedule was no break for eating? This was possible because they two cared for a permanent delicate hot and cold service, and managed it to attend the pulk in the moments between two acts.   (Foto Johann Mueller)


Knowhow. Equipped with his experience from Kinsau, expert advicer Dieter guided the event in spectialist aspects.   (Foto Johann Mueller)


Stock. The little big horses.   (Foto Johann Mueller)


Last not least hostess and host. They provided and managed that all.   (Foto Johann Mueller)


What a cool meeting! See you next year.


Your Franz Virtual



Article in Messer Magazin 4/2001 (Dezember 2001) page 76.   For a better view quality click here.   (Scan supported by guest author Artur)


Logo Photo Supplement
For the curious ones, here my complete foto record in 10 % size. To zoom into, use the links under them for 25 %, 50 % or 100 % size.


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