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Chapter :   Event Calendar 2001   - Report about 1. German Throwers' Meeting Logo of chapter

Kinsaus at 30th of Iune, a historic day.

Travelling there

Turning off the main road, one must not follow the signe to Kinsau, but one has to turn the opposite direction, because the house is placed outside the village, on the other side of the main road.

Before the houses, some lawn was mowed for parking. On arrival, we were surprised by many different activities overall.


What was there?

Under a big tree were some tables and benches, the childrens corner with an indian school. They hang posters with indian signs and their meanings, and you could get a tattoo.

At the place in front of a great shed people handle bows and arrows, this is the archery corner. On the wall of the shed hangs an archery target face, and under supervision of an expierienced senior archer, you may shoot.

One house wall is covered with piled up wood, not small pieces, but big log rounds. Super target. Here always some folks from the throwing corner came to test or to show this or that knife or axe throw inbetween.

From the terrasse of the house come the grill smell. Here a buffet was set up for self service. As you see in the schedule below, eating was the most frequent point. So between here and all other places always was frequent traffique.

Inside of the house you could visit the shop of Via Claudia archery sport and knife manufacturing and look knife maker tools and e.g. a set of damast steels, waiting for beeing made into a knife.

The throwers corner consisted of some tables and benches in the far corner across the grass. We were eleven throwers: nine participants plus Rupert, the landlord and Dieter, the head of the throwers group.

When? What? Where?
10 - 11 Welcome Garden
11 - 12 Discussion about the rules
12 - 13 Eating
13 - 14 Prethrowing Clearing at edge of woods
14 - 15 Throwing contest
15 - 16 Postthrowing
16 - 17 Eating and awarding Garden
17 - 18 Archery contest Clearing at edge of woods
18 - 19 Goodby Eating Terrace


After arrival, first the formalties are done. This is the paying of the competition fee, and the confinement, that one has a "haftpflicht" ensurance (how is the english word for that?).

A greeting message from Indianerchristian from the Little Big Horse Ranch (east of Berlin) is read, who conducts the next great event, the Big Throwers' Meeting on 8th and 9th of September.

The discussion about the rules resulted in a distance of 4 m instead of 4.5 m as supposed before. Each throws fifteen times, five times three throws. There are two contest, one axe contest and one knife contest.


Throwing Contest

Around one p.m. we went in a little caravane from the house five minutes up to the edge of the wood. There in a clearing the target was build up, an impressive pyramide from 10 thick round logs. Solid branches on the ground marked the 4-m-distance.

We had three hours planned. One hour for warm up, one hour for the contest, one hour extra.

The throwers in front of the target. (Picture taken with Christians camera. See more of Christian's fotos plus many in the quick report on messerwerfen.de.)

Though the place was pretty remote, there were always some spectators there, and a newspaper reporter, who wanted to know everything about this sport.


Part 1:   Prethrowing

Rupert told the security rules for the place: only one must throw at a time, and spectators and waiting throwers have to stay in a distance. Then we had one hour to warm up and to become used to the 4-m-distance.

I tried to compile a series of different throwers ... ah, well, the photo quality ... it was dark in the wood ... smile.

This was most interesting! First time in my live, I saw many different throwing styles and differen throwing gears. This was finally the reason, for starting that axtwerfen website: meeting other throwers. And this was today.


Part 2:   Throwing Contest

Only who is called may throw anymore, each throw is counted. It are two contests, a knife class and an axe class. They both go with the same rules. Most of the participants competed in both classes.

There are two times (for each class) five series, in which everyone makes three throws. The throwers are called by Dieter one by one, in the first series alphabetically, then invers alphabetically, and so on.

Everyone has 5 x 3 throws, this means the maximum Points are 45. The faces of the logs showed a cirkle of chalk with about 8 centimeter diameter. A hit in the circle counts three points, a hit in the log counts one point. The circle is hit, if its outline is cut by the blade.

Dieter calls the throwers one by one in two times five series for three throws each.

Honour to Antonie, who headed for the adventure without any preparation at all!

Regarding the devices, the group was very tolerant and allowed also curious devices. As axe they allowed me the small Hibben integral axe, which has no wooden handle. And as knive they allowed me the Baileys Starlight, which has a blade 8 centimeters wide. One of them commented: "We don't want be strikter than strikt" (most freely translated).

In the axe contest I was so tired, that I just fired my axes without counting, this were four axes instead of three. But the jury did notice it, and not count the fourth.

One participant did not like the 4-meter-distance. He made his own mark at 5 or 6 meters, and really had better results from there.


Part 3:   Postthrowing

Now we all were enriched by some new expieriences all of a sudden! Now much was to talk, to try again, to test proposals, to show that grip, to discuss a throwing technique and and and ...

So the final hour of course was used for throwing again. Now some throwers developed system and tried new ticks. Dieter showed long range throws with the axe, from about 10 or more meter distance. Alltogether, that robust 4-meter-Mark has proved efficient for all our different purposes!

Some throwers put together their axes and had fun that each of them could throw that many axes in one series, one axe in each round.

After we all were exhausted, we went bach down to the house in a small caravane. After all we were looking forward for the results!



The results we learned later during the awarding, after Dieter had evaluated the lists.

Rupert reads the results and delivers the prizes.

The prizes were for each disziplin 1. place: a throwing axe, 2. place: a ... knife, 3. place: ... Moreover, even the last of each discipline received a small elk as a pet for consolation. And every participant received a document about the successful participation on throwing. All prizes were donated by Via-Claudia-Bogensport and -Messermanufaktur.

Place Name Points Place Name Points
Knife Axe
1 Artur 14 1 Artur 23
2 Norbert L. 11 2 Norbert L. 17
3 Christian L. 10 3 Christian L. 13
4 Christian T. 8 4 Franz 12
5 Franz 6 5 Hermann L. 9
  6 Robert O. 8
7 * Christian T. 7
7 * Bernhard W. 7
8 Antonie O. 3
Entfernung 4 m. Jeder Teilnehmer hat 5 mal je 3 Wurf, zusammen 15 Wurf mit je 3 erreichbaren Punkten. Maximale Punktzahl: 45. Punktgleichheit ist mit einem Stern (*) markiert.


Archery contest

Finally the caravane moved a second time up to the edge of the woods to the side program. There was a bow hunting parcours buildt up, and they made a little contest, which was nice to watch ongoing.

The meadow beside the wood was good for throwing Bumerang.



Then we sat around the grill again. But most of the participant come from a distance and had to leave now ... and the friendly gathering become ever smaller.

When R.L. noticed somebody with a not so sharp pocket knife, he begins to demonstrate us knife sharpening on a big japanese water stone by the way.

This was a cool meeting.

See you later next year, there will surely be one more such meeting around that place.


Your Franz Virtual


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