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Chapter :   Event Calendar 2002   -
Report about the 1. Midsummer Throwers Meeting Pottenstein 2001
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(Read as well the reports 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001.)

On Saint John's on Sunday, 24th of June 2001 we had a fine little throwing session with a campfire. For the competition we created a special Beginners-Class.


Afternoon Renate and Christian plus their three kids arrived. Two other participants were sick and couldn't come, this reduced our number to three throwers, including myself.

Instantly we lit the fire, started the grill, and discussed the schedule.

The conference

Since we were only three, we did not build up the planned dedicated targets, but were satisfied with my usual target, which stood there anyway. This saved the sheeps the tumult that we would abuse their meadow.

Then we had training. The available device assortment is shown in chapter "Devices". R. choosed smaller throwing knifes, C. choosed the integral axes, F. choosed the big throwing knifes.

R. throwing knife.

C. throwing axe.

Especially C. enjoyed the new experience. With his sticking rate, I suspected, he was not a real beginner, as he stated. Anyway: The throwing community has won a new sports comrade!


Throwing Contest

We created a special Beginners-Class. This means extra simple rules.

(1)   The target is a log round diameter is about 60 centimeter placed with its center in about 1.60 meter height. There are no rings with a bullseye. If the device sticks, it counts one point, if it does not stick, it counts zero point.

(2)   The distance is around 3 meter. There is no mark.

(3)   The devices may be choosen freely. It is not discerned between knife and axe, there is only one device class.

(4)   Everybody throws 20 times, it is count, how many sticks it are. The result is noted in percentage of sticks.

Thrower       Percentage of Sticks (about)
Christian 75 %
Franz 75 %
Renate 30 %
Regeln: Entfernung 2,5 m, Gerät frei wählbar. Jeder wirft 20 mal. Es wird gezählt, ob das Gerät steckt oder nicht steckt. Das Ergebnis wird in Prozent ausgedrückt.


It was the first time ever, we systematically watched our throwing precision. Now we knew a little bit more about the throwing sport.



The weather was finest. The fresh homemade Bratwürste (special sausages) from the local pub tasted finest. The kids baked stick-bread, for what R. had the dough prepeared, and made nonsens in the wild run garden.

In the dusk we were surprised by a curious bright star on the southeast horizont, which we did not knew. It stayed prominently the rest of the night. This was Mars in it's rare closest proximity to earth. The constellation occures every twentysix month, this was the closest since a dozen of years (68 million kilometers on June 21st). How nicely fitting for our "martial" sports. Smile.

Many thanks to Renate and Christian for saving my first throwers meeting, to the dinosaur-kids for not tearing down the house (instead building a "new" one), to my girlfriend Brigitta for her logistics and the delicious salads from her garden, to my senior lady neighbour Anna for venturing to join our "dangerous" party. ;-)

See you next year same time same place for a better prepeared and bigger meeting!

Your Franz


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