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The idea of a Europeans Throwers' Meeting is brand new. In a virtual conference we do prepeare that meeting. Below you see some of the members of that conference. Come and join the conference (see chapter "Throwers Meeting - Mailing List").


Lee - Tonkasila Lee
Country USA, Northern California
Skill level Semi-professional
Favorite toy Knives (I design my own)
Favorite distance All Distances
More I also throw Frankish axes and Frontier style Tomahawks. You can write me in Deutsch, Spanish, English or Czech.
Contact Website www.geocities.com/leefugatt  

Great! Lee Fugat, the famous knife maker and knife thrower from oversea appears on our mailing list - winner of the International Knife Throwing Championship in Las Vegas in 1998. Visit his website to see what cool knives, flutes, ritual things and poems he is producing!

... I would dearly love to attend your meetings but
Deutschland is a looong drive from Northern California and
I doubt my old truck could make it past Spain....

Hey, so we must arrange a meeting in Spain or Portugal one day. Cuz this his truck perhaps just might do! Grin.


Alleswerfer Alleswerfer
Country Germany, Lower Saxony
Skill level advanced
Favorite device 1000 gramme axe, hatchet and butcher's knife.
Favorite distance  Axe/Hatchet 6 - 8 metres; Knife 3 metres.
More .
Contact Email alleswerfer@axtwerfen.de  

He loves to experiment with most different devices. And he is always in good mood:

Ob's stürmt oder schneit,
ob die Sonne uns lacht,
wir werfen bei Tag und bei Nacht!


Christian Christian
Country South of Germany, Bavaria to Suabia
Skill level Self-taught beginner
Favorite device Knife
Favorite distance  5 meters
More I run the messserwerfen.de website where this discussion started.
Contact Website www.messerwerfen.de

With his classic website messerwerfen.de he is the pioneer of the german virtual throwing space. And visit there the german knife thrower forum, the fastest way to meet your collegues and to discuss with them.

The picture above is a cutout ... wanna know, whom this hand belongs to? See messerwerfen.de/solingen.html.


David - The Great Throwdini David
Country USA
Skill level Professional
Favorite device Heavy knives, special axes
Favorite distance  21 feet
More IKTA World Championship title in the free style (2 1/2 spin 21 feet) and many WFKT titles
Contact Website www.knifethrower.com

Hey, fantastic, what star does accompany our greenhorn group! Hope, this does not frighten away you hobby throwers, for whom the group is meant. Niabi and David are quite normal and friendly folks, they do not bite at all.

See David and Niabi in action in chapter "Technique - Two Aiming Strategies " .


Eva Eva
Country Germany
Skill level Semiprofessional
Favorite device Knife and rope
Favorite distance  6 m
More Western Shows and Western Shop
Contact Website www.halang.de
(Firma Halang Westernbedarf)

And she is collecting knives from the fleemarket, such which are suited for throwing.


Franz Virtual Franz
Country Germany, Franconia region
Skill level Beginner
Favorite device From needle to skyth
Favorite distance  4 meters
More Lazy
Contact Email franz@axtwerfen.de

On the picture above, mind that dash - it is the axe, right in the moment before hitting the camera, hahaha. See the full picture sequence in chapter "Technique - From Grip to Throw - Step 4 ".

For producing that chaotic website you are reading right now, surely he needs some helpers. Learn about them in chapter "Appendix (E) - The Authors' Team".


Gregor Thrower Gregor
Zoom   2x   4x  
Country Germany and Poland
Skill level Professional
Favorite device Historic daggars
Favorite distance  6 m
More .
Contact Email paproch@aol.com

You can watch Gregor throwing each year at the "Kaltenberger Ritterturniere" (a big german medievals spectacle).


Indianer-Christian Indianerchristian
Country Germany north
Skill level Professional
Favorite device Knife and Tomahawk
Favorite distance  8 meters and more
More Indianer Stuntshows
Contact Website www.lbhr.de

See the tomahawk flying on the picture.

Learn more about his Little Big Horse Ranch in chapter "Throwers' Meeting - Places - Berlin" . And don't forget to read the report about the historic event on the Little Big Horse Ranch: The Great Throwers' Meeting 2001.


Jean Logo Kopenhagen
Country Denmark
Skill level Professional
Favorite device Knife and axe
Favorite distance  Any
More Unicycle circus
Contact Website users. cybercity. dk/~dko4700/ home.html

Read more about his place in chapter "Throwers' Meeting - Places - Kopenhagen" .


John Thrower John
Zoom 2x
Country Florida
Skill level Professional
Favorite device .
Favorite distance  .
More Founder and chairman of the International Knife Throwers Guild
Contact Website http://www.throwingknives.com

John Bailey, the famous knife maker and knife thrower, contributed quite some pictures for this website as a frequent guest author. See chapter   Technique - Calculi - Whip principle ,   chapter   Technique - Calculi - Symmetry - Body ,   chapter   Technique - Anatomy of throwing - Knife throwing styles .   Thank you, John, for this highly instructive material! One of my favorit toys is John's Starlight, which is described in chapter   "Devices - List - Knives - Starlight " .


Have fun with throwing, and always watch the safety.


Your Franz Virtual


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