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Logo of chapter
Logo for a link Stickingpoint   http://users.rcn.com/comlogic/knife
Very comprehensive site with all things, one can tell about throwing knifes and other devices. Including throwing instruction, knife collections and sources. All about the knife throwers alliances AKTA and PKT and their competitions.
Logo for a link Matthew Rappaport's Thrower Page   http://www.sonic.net/~quine/thrower.html
(Unfortunately, this page is not online at the time)
A noncommercial, very comprehensive site about all possible types of throwing devices, also exotic ones like atlatl, bola or bumerang.
Logo for a link The Great Throwdini   www.knifethrower.com
Website of professional knife thrower The Great Throwdini with videos and images of the impalement arts and with throwing techniques from his "Fundamentals" teaching video.
Logo for a link The Great Throwzini   http://www.throwzini.com
Selling knifes and axes. Event calendar. International forum and an newsletter, coming about every three weeks. Plus the home of the newly found WKTG.
Logo Saint Mars La Briere Tir Nature Saint Mars La Briere Tir Nature   http://perso.wanadoo.fr./stmars-tirnature
Saint Mars La Briere Tir Nature - This is a french association for archery and other primitive weapons. They practice tomahawk and knife throwing, and they have meetings and competitions.
Logo for a link Verein der Waldviertler Forstarbeiter   http://www.forstarbeiter.at
Here the austrian Eurojack competitions are conducted after the Swedish rules. The Firma Graf Kurt, Forest and Garden Technique sells such throwing axes.
Logo for a link Via-Claudia Bogensport & Messermanufaktur   www.messermanufaktur.de
Here you can buy bows and arrows, knifes and axes. On an own parcour archery contests and courses take place. Here the Pilot Thrower's Meeting on 30th June 2001 was conducted.
Logo for a link Wild West Arts Club http://www.wwac.com
About the various wild west arts, e.g. throwing lassos, knife throwing, and so on. It is a site about the association of the artists, not a site where you are told the secrets.


Note   -   The links are sorted alphabetically From time to time, the bottom entry is rotatet to the top.


Logo for http://www.axe-throwing.co.uk Axe-Throwing U.K.   http://www.axe-throwing.co.uk
Here are the British, Scottisch and Welsh open axe throwing events
Logo for a link Baileys   http://www.baileys-online.com
A Canadian company, selling wood cutting tools, e.g. chain saws and axes. Special page with throwing axes.
Logo for a link Bailiwick Enterprises http://www.throwingknives.com
The page of John Bailey, a famous American knife thrower. With catalog of Sunshine Knife Outlet, who sell throwing knifes, tomahawks and else. Bull whip cracking video.
Logo for a link Circus ChangHigh   http://users.cybercity.dk/~dko4700/home.html
The famous danish unicycle circus, also with a knife and axe throwing program. Look forward for knife throwing events, they plan to have in the future as well.
Logo for a link Coldsteel   http://www.coldsteel.com
They sell all kind of throwing weapons. Beside axes and tomahawks, there are Boar Spear, Samburu Spear, Torpedo. Interestingly, they have also 'Walkabouts', means sticks.
Logo for a link Dick   http://www.dick-gmbh.de
They sell high quality tools, knives, axes and throwing axes. Everything around wood. Interresting catalogue, also exotic tools precisely explained.
Flyingknife   http://www.flyingknife.com
The Flying Knive or "Spanish Dart" is a normal knive with a specially designed patentet handle, so that you can throw it like an arrow. (See also chapter "Devices - List - Flying Knife " )
G.I.L.A. Logo GILA   -   Gilda Italiana Lancio dell'Ascia   http://now.at/gila
The homepage of the italian axe throwing association. Very good and clearly arranged design with instructive pictures.
Logo for a link Gränsfors Bruks   http://www.gransfors.com
Swedish axe makers. Huge site about everything, one can know about axes and axe throwing. Swedish axe throwing association, organizing national contests. In three languages: swedish, german, english.
Logo for a link Hat & Ev   http://www.halang.de
Western Show with rope, bull whip, knifes and more. Shop for all kinds of Indian and Western articles plus repair service for leather, tents and more.
Logo for a link Hirschensteiner Bogengilde   http://www.h-b-g.de
The Hirschensteiner Archeries Club near Straubing (South Germany) is shooting with the traditional longbows, and they are dedicatet to medieval culture in general. Now they are attempting to found an axe throwing section.
Logo for a link Hobby und Brauchttum   http://www.hobbyundbrauchtum.de
Erich Ermert forges and sells knives, swords, medival martial show equipment and other historic forgery. Has a ready assortment, but forges as well after customers specifications. Has axes and throwing axes. A work of them you can see in chapter "Devices - List - Axes - Double Sided Axes".
Logo for a link Juggling Information Service   http://www.juggling.org
Everything about juggling. Even juggling software and scientific studies about the human limits.
Logo for http://lancer.couteaux.free.fr
Lancer de couteaux   http://lancer.couteaux.free.fr
The website of our france friends
Logo for www.lbhr.de Little Big Horse Ranch   http://www.lbhr.de
Horses, shows and stuntshows. See also indianerstundshow.de
Logo for a link messerwerfen.de   http://messerwerfen.de
Everything about knife throwing. With forum and map of throwers in Germany, Austria and Swiss. Books, links, shops. About technique, devices, legal stuff and so on.
Logo for a link North American Lumberjack Guide   http://www.starinfo.com/ljguide/main.html
About different lumberjack sports, including axe throwing. Not so much about the technique, more about the contests.
Logo for a link Scientific American   http://www.sciam.com
Monthly scientific magazine.


Enjoy surfing.


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