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Richter: Archery  
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Here some references to books and magazines.

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Logo for www.gransfors.com The Book of Axes
Gränsfors Bruks AB, Sweden 2000, 36 pages
A very nice comprehension on the modern axe types. Detailled instructions for handling. Many pictures. Available for free with each axe order (and even without order).   (#20001125.1402)
Logo for book Baum, Heike: Messer, Gabel, Schere, Licht - warum denn nicht? Kinder lernen spielerisch die Gefahr einschätzen
Herder Verlag, Freiburg - Basel - Wien, 1997, 143 Seiten, ISBN 3-451-26356-4 Games for kids from 3 to 10 under the supervision of adults. The games are about confidence, fire, climbing, knifes, stones, darkness. In short: all things the modern city kids are missing.   (# 20001129.1516)
Logo Markus Bär Markus Bär: Sportliches Messerwerfen
Verlag Weinmann, Berlin 1989, 3. Auflage 1993, 62 Seiten
Standard book for every knife thrower. Easly available.
Logo for book Messer Magazin
Wieland Verlag GmbH, erscheint vierteljährlich
Detailled articles about single knifes and knife makers, historical knife types, metallurgy. Reports about events, knife fairs and the like. Many commercials and andvertisements with sources of supply.
Logo for Henry Petroski
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Petroski, Henry: Messer Gabel Reissverschluss - Die Evolution der Gebrauchsgegenstände
Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel - Boston - Berlin, 1994, 342 pages
Specialist book about design. Describes the development of forms of things in a very detailled and funny manner, e.g. paper clips, cutlery and others. Disproofs entirely the often heard sentence "Form follows function". Darwin would have been pleased! Very recommendable.   (# 20001130.0944)
Logo for book Richter, Clemens: Bogenschiessen - Der abendländische Weg
DSV-Verlag, Hamburg 2000, ISBN 3-88412-346-7, 156 pages, 34.00 DM
About meditational bow shooting. Very delightful to read. Throwers, who work with the Follow Through, will have many Aha-experiences. Because the book influenced the axe throwing pages, we dedicate it an own chapter.
Chapter:   Book review - Archery
Logo for book . . . . . . . . : Afrikanische Wurfmesser . . .
. . .
Older book. Draws the different types of 'throwing knifes' over the whole Africa.
I did read it some years ago, but cannot find it anymore. If you know it, please let us know.
Logo for book . . . . . . : . . . . . werfen. Scientific American . . . 199 . . , page . .
. . .
Some year ago they wrote an article about the evolutionary beginning of throwing. We cannot find it anymore. If you know it, pleas let us know.

Enjoy reading.


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