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Hibben Pro-Thrower Axe

Logo of chapter

The Hibben Pro-Thrower Axe is ugly and very nice at the same time. It may not be considered as a serious axe, because it is too light and has no wooden handle - thus is not allowed for most contests. But anyway, I like this very special device. Why? Here some details.

It's not a cheap device, and so you can expect it at least to come in a nice box. Indeed, the box alone is worth a view.

Hibben - Top of the box
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The top of the box. Unfortunately the latest boxes have no such picture anymore.

Hibben - The box from below
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The box from below. It shows a complete "guide" to axe throwing. At the end of the chapter, you find the single sections of it enlarget for reading.

The Hibben Pro-Thrower Axe is device for beginners as well as advanced. Here some reasonings about it:

(1) It is a kind of transition between knife and axe. It is axe-like, because the center of gravity is far at the far end, and it is below the long axis of the handle. It is knife-like because the angle of the point points straight forward, not down as with an typical axe.
(2) Because of the light weight you do not need such a massive target than with a big axe.
(3) Because it has no wooden handle, the handle cannot break. Handle breaking is annoying when beginning axe throwing (and later as well, but not so much any more).
(4) Because it is flat, you may hold six pieces in one fist easily. So you can throw more and walk less.

Of course, it's a fine device - only something is wrong with it, it is not a "real" axe. It is optimized for throwing. The design is such a mixture from trifle and function, from archaic and phantasy. To continue the reasoning, and to learn more about design and throwing optimizations, compare a historic throwing axe in chapter "Devices - List of Devices - Axes - Franzisca " and an other modern throwing axe in in chapter "Devices - List of Devices - Axes - Firestone Axe ".


The single sections of the Throwing Instructions on the Hibben Pro-Thrower box:
Hibben Throwing Instructions A
Hibben Throwing Instructions B
Hibben Throwing Instructions F
Hibben Throwing Instructions D
Hibben Throwing Instructions E
Hibben Throwing Instructions G
Hibben Throwing Instructions H
Hibben Throwing Instructions C


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