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The fracisca was an axe weapon, probably used for throwing. It was in use from about the years 400 to 800 by the Merowingians (Franconians).


Modern rebuildt of a Francisca
Modern rebuildt of a Francisca. You can find this axe at www.lancasters-armry.demon.co.uk .


I found two archeological articles about that axe, which you can read behind the following two links.

Logo of chapter Reallexikon der Germanischen Altertumskunde 1995
The Reallexikon is a huge multi-volume dictionary. The article about the francisca is 6 pages long and gives a good overview of what are proofed facts, and what is speculation.
Paper of Ulrich Dahmlos 1977 Paper of Ulrich Dahmlos 1977
In a scientific article of 25 pages in the magazine Germania 1977, Ulrich Damlos describes his findings. Archeological findings from about the years 425 through 600 show clearly an optimization for throwing.

Below some cutouts from Ulrich Dahmlos 1977

Typology of francisca
Typology of francisca. Notice the S-shaped frontside, and the working angle of greater 90 degree. Orginal see Dahmlos p. 143 and mainly p. 144.


The effective rotation range of a franzisca
The effective rotation range of a franzisca. Orginal see Dahmlos S. 150.


Trajectory of a franzisca
Trajectory of a franzisca. Orginal see Dahmlos p. 149.


Similar optimizations for throwing you find again in modern axes, where new considerations led to old designs. Compare Appendix "(A) Devices - Axes - Hibben Pro Thrower" and "appendix (A) Devices - Axes - Firestone". See also the Kitchen-Franziska in appendix "(A) Devices - Kitchen Axe - Kitchen Axe".


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