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In the evolution of tools, one may see the axe as the combination of stick, stone and knife.
Title of subchapter Kitchen Axe
Often the first axe one finds.
Title of subchapter The Hibben Pro Thrower Axe
A really nice little device.
Title of subchapter Francisca
Historic device, for throwing optimized axe.
Title of subchapter Dan Axe
Historic design with very long handle.
Title of subchapter Firestone Axe
For throwing optimized modern axe.
Title of subchapter Double Sided Viking(?) Axe
Classical design with short handle and two identical blades.
Title of subchapter Double Sided Woodcutter Axe
With long handle and two different blades.

The symmetry of the axe is less than of the knife's. The center of gravity is out of the grip axis. This means, the handling of an axe has less freedom than the handling of a knife

With knife throwing, one might tolerate a rotation around the length axis. At least a knife might stick horizontaly once. But with the axe, a twist around the long axis is very bad spin. But the good news is, that the axe is easier to make precisely rotate stable as a disk.


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