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List of throwing devices

Logo for book

Here a list of throwing devices.
Logo for subchapter African throwing 'knife'
Wooden tool, perhaps between frisbee and boomerang.
Logo for book Axes
In Sweden and America as traditional sport with national contests. The tradition there might come from the wood-cutters.
Logo for book Ball
Basic device for learning throwing. Used in many official sports in many varieties.
Logo for book Bola
South american hunting device.
Logo for book Bumerang
Australian hunting and sport device. Very sophisticated traditional forms. Astonishingly, the device may fly back to the thrower in a curve.
Logo for book Cards
Some people practice this astonishingly effective.
Logo for book Chain saw
Not for throwing on targets, only for juggling.
Logo for book Darts Spicker
Darts is a very popular social sports. Many regional contests organized by fanclubs.
Logo for book Frisbee
Widespread recreational sports
Logo for book Hammer
Hammer throwing is an olympic discipline. But it's not really hammers, they throw, but a special heavy sport device.
Logo for book Hand Quarrel
A knife with feathers
Logo for book Knifes
In America as organized sport with national contests.
Logo for book Lasso
A snare to throw.
Logo for book Needle
Usually too light for throwing. But anyway.
Logo for book Paper folders Papierflieger
Young tradition. All modern children have experience with it. One can study basic aerodynamic phenomena.
Logo for book Scythe
Traditional agricultural tool. We develop a modified handling, which implies a throw.
Logo for book Flying Knife (Spanish Dart)
Modern invention, quite normal knife stabilizes trajectory by rotation
Logo for book Spear
Spear throwing is an olympic sports. But it is not popular, perhaps because missing throwing areas.
Logo for book Spikes
An even more simple throwing device than a throwing knife.
Logo for book Throwing stars
Asian throwing weapon.
Logo for book Stick
Everybody has already swung a stick, at least as a child.
Logo for book Stone
Most of us once threw a stone as a child, and were reminded about the danger of it.
Logo for book South asian throwing device
A device made from wood, bast and slate. (Who knows more about this device?)
Logo for book Tomahawk
In America as organized sport with national contests. The tradition there might come from the Indians.
Logo for book TV control
When watching TV from the couch, this device is at hand. The device is light, and a falling on the couch makes no harm.
Logo for book Whip
Not a throwing device, but often mentioned in connection with throwing.

As you can see, the folks developed a huge range of throwing devices..


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