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The Discoveries

Logo of subchapter

This is an extremly creative website! You will find things here, you had never dreamed about. We coin new words. To give you a quick impression of this unique feature, here an overview on our new inventions around the sport of axe and knife throwing.


Knife catching

An entirely new discipline, deduced from juggling. What is it good for? It prepares the fundament for a really handy thing, the learning without ricochets.

A separat chapter about catching does not exist, but you will have a good idea of it, if you read chapter "Technique - From Grip to Throw - Step Three".


Learning without ricochets

The most boring thing with learning knife throwing are the ricochets. If there were a way to avoid or at least to reduce them, wouldn't you be interested?

This thing is described in chapter "Technique - From Grip to Throw".

Actually, the steps 1 to 3 of this chapter were three separate discoveries, which happend in different contexts. Only later we had the idea, to connect them to one useful thing.


Shuffle Wheel Style

You find many guides to knife throwing. But hardly any to axe throwing. Heavy axes require a different technique than light knifes.

You find the shufflewheel style described in chapter "Technique - Anatomy of a Throw - Axe Throwing Styles".



Is it possible to gain control over a new, unknown device before the first throw? Or to warm up for throwing without any real throw? We found: Yes.

This thing you will find in chapter "Technique - Calcules - Microthrows".


Using the 'wrong' hand

Indications about this thing you find in chapter "Technique - Calculi - Symmetry - Body ".


Skyth throwing

Mow your lawn in an entirely new style. Or have at least theoretical considerations about it. See "Appendix (1) Devices - Skyth".


Chain saw throwing

The chain saw is an awsome device. Might it be a toy as well? Read about in "Appendix (1) Devices - Chain Saw".



We are preparing the theoretical ground to programm a knife throwing simulation software. And of course, we have the knowhow to realize it, only not the time. Indications to this you find in chapter "Introduction - Software".


Throwers association

Last not least, together with Christian Thiel and André Nolting, we try to kick off the merger of german or european throwers. This is not a discovery. But it is brand new, and it is probably the most interesting thing here at all. Read about in chapter "Discussion".


Have fun with reading and throwing.



  Remark 1   Not all above mentioned topics are described in matured chapters. The sudden appearence of this site overloaded the authors, that's why some topics are drafted only. Please be patient. Time by time you will find more and more described well formed and in detail.

Remark 2   Might it be, that we shoot over the target? You noticed it: We are greenhorns. We love to beat big drums :-).


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