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The Authors Team

Logo of subchapter

If you did browse this site, then you noticed, it is a monster site. Though much of it is still empty, it cannot be produced by only one person. There must be a team at work.


Norb Real

Author one

The man, who kicked off and steers this website. Beside this, he is lazy and comes only into action, if it cannot be avoided.

His favorite weapon are Swiss Roll needels. Why? Becaus this he can throw at desktop, without raising from the chair. For outdoor with knives his standard throw is two turns on 4.68 meters.


Franz Virtual

Author two

The frontman and poor worker. He is writing concepts and correspondence, roaming the forums, shuffling knowhow.

His favorite weapon is the axe. THUNK! This sound he loves, the brute guy. His standard throw with knives is two turns on 4.68 meters.


Jenny Skyth

Author three

She is the sensible one, with the intuition. She has the ideas for all the new inventions you find on this website. She gives them to Joe, who translates them into rational concepts.

She is a tomboy. Her favorite weapon is the skyth. Indeed, you have to be wild plus sensible at the same time, to love this as a weapon. Her standard throw with knifes is two turns on 4.68 meters.


Joe Axe

Author four

As a software developer, he is the rational factor. He receives the ideas from Jenny, transforms them into concepts and directs them to Franz for being tested and written down.

His favorite weapon is the screw driver. Of course, because this is always at hand for screwing the computer hardware. His standard throw with that is two turns on 4.68 meters.


Guest Authors

Author five

If you are not shocked now by the above described pack, than continue reading.

Our pages are free for your contributions. If you find a chapter, that is poor or needs enhancement (there are plenty of those!) or if you have an idea for a new chapter, then you are invited to support us with material. Your contribution will be clearly distinguished from our owns.

The condition is only the correct mentioning of the source of your statements. May be yourself is the source or any public available literature. Whether your name is mentioned or not, or in which way it is done, that do you decide. Alias names are welcome as well, as long as we know the real person.

Come and join our team!

Even if your standard throw is not 4.68 meters!


Well, you guessed it. There is even one more person involved. The invisible but real Norbert C. Maier, who owns the copyright of this website, and who uses Norb, Franz, Jenny and Joe as aliases. Smile.


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