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Chapter :   Event Calendar 2002   -
Report about the 2. Midsummer Throwers Meeting Pottenstein 2002
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(Read as well the reports 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001.)

Pottenstein near Nuernberg at saturday, 22th of Iune 2002. Little meeting with competition, workshops and expert talkings.

When? What? Where?
Friday, 21th of Iune 2002
17 - 24 Arrivals, eating, resting, throwing, ... Garden
Saturday, 22th of Iune 2002
09 - 14 Breakfast Garden
14 - 17 Workshop Great lawn
17 - 18 Contest knives 3 m, 5 m, 7 m
18 - 19 Workshop
19 - 20 Contest axe 3 m, 4.5 m
20 - 28 Camp fire, barbecue and expert talkings Small lawn
Sunday, 23th of Iune 2002
09 - 12 Breakfast Garden
12 - 16 Workshop


Der Wettkampf


Setting up the target and the throwing range already involved several throwing devices like skyth, .........-iron or hammer. Smile.


Last preparations for the throwing range. Anno is cutting the ......... and Tarzan nailing the distanc boards.   # 20020622.1437


17 o'clock, the contest is starting.


Anno is throwing the Tan Kri at three meter. One round log has the rings. The bullseye counts two points and the ring around counts one point.   # 20020622.1731


Tarzan sticking a powerful knife at five meter. In the foreground you see the knives exhibition of two throwers. Each thrower had such a trunk for storing and presenting his or her devices.   # 20020622.1735


Franz throwing the doublebladed axe. Only hits with the lower blade do count, means the handle must point down.   # 20020622.1818


Muemmel is aiming very relaxed for a throw over five meter with the doublebladed axe.   # 20020622.1832


Anno again, here with the double bladed axe.   # 20020622.1902


At 19:30 o'clock the contest was over.


Group picture in front of the target.   # 20020622.2015


The event is shifting to the small lawn with the camp fire and the garden target beside.


Finally the boring contests are over, and the stick bread can be baken. Left side small in the background, you can detect the target of the contest.   (# 20020622.2107)


Now we get comfortable. The heat of the day is over, the Bratwuerste bruzzeln on the grill, the beer is cool, the moon shines light ... the night becomes long.




Everyone used the workshop time, e.g. to fill in a specific gap or to have fun with testing exotic.

. . .


Expert talkings


. . .



Platz Name Punkte   Platz Name Punkte
Messer Axt
  Max. Punkte ...   Max. Punkte ...
1 Franz 155 1 Tarzan 86
2 Tarzan 97 2 Anno 85
3 Anno 70 3 Mümmel 40
      4 Franz 35
Jeder Teilnehmer hat je ... Wurf auf ... Scheiben, zusammen ... Wurf mit je ... erreichbaren Punkten. Maximale Punktzahl: .... Bei Punktgleichheit auf den ersten drei Plätzen erfolgt ein Stechen. Punktgleichheit ist mit einem Stern (*) markiert.


The prizes.   # 20020622.1929


The details of the calculations you can see in appendix "Rules" .


By the way

Greatest distance
The farthest journey had Anno, coming from 500 kilometer north. The others came from 200 km south and 50 km west.

Many thanks ...
... to my neighbor Hans, who delivered two cubic meter wood within a few days, as the base layer for our targets. He cut it freshly, on one evening, on that record heat June day. Power!

Many thanks ...
... to Jochen, who could not come, but lent us his forged spikes for the devices-workshop. Some of them even served for nailing the distances in the lawn (Foto above).

Many thanks ...
to Renate, who kindly made the jury. She had quite often a difficult decision, if the stick was close the chalk line.



This quite comfortable chair was placed at the entry, for better finding the house. It is the chair of the queen of the sharp tools, designed by the russinan artist V. Bondarenko.   (Photo by Riccardo # 20020624.2009 - 42% zoom 66%   100% )


A cool meeting this was! See you next year, Saturday 21th Iune 2003.


Your Franz Virtual



Announcement in Messer Magazin 2/2002 (April-July 2002) page 84.   (Zoom 100 %)


Foto Supplement (.) Photo Album

The complete photo album.


Foto Supplement (.) Rules and Contest Protocols

The protocols of the contest.


Foto Supplement (.) Invitation

The fast written short termed invitation.


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