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April 15th, 2007:   Event Calendar somewhat actualized
For previous updates see chapter History .

Welcome! This is a peaceful and serious website, dedicated to the art and sports of axe and knife throwing. Throwing means fun and purpose. Throwing a waste paper into the garbage can may save some steps or may be fun.
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Logo chapter Introduction (1)   Introduction
Topics around knife throwing
  Logo chapter Links (6)   Links
Links to other websites
Logo chapter Devices (2)   Devices
Some sets of throwing devices
  Logo chapter Literature (7)   Literature
Books and magazines
Logo chapter Targets (3)   Targets
To find a suited target is not so easy
  Logo appendix The Discoveries (8)   Discoveries
All new inventions of this creative website on one glimps
Logo chapter Technique (4)   Technique
All aspects of a throw in detail
  Logo appendix The Authors Team (9)   The Authors Team
The authors and guest authors introduce themself
Logo chapter Security (5)   Security
Watch the security rules!
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King Birendra and family Reference
We wish eternal peace to His Majesty King Birendra, Queen Aishwarya and nine other members of the Royal Family who died on 1th of Iune 2001. Long live His Majesty King Gyanendra and Queen Komal.
Picture from www.nepalnews.com and www.yokeho.com.


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